You Won’t Be Disappointed


Most people are familiar with the Genesis 1 creation account. In six days, God creates everything, and on the seventh, He rests.

I recently came across someone teaching on this, and it struck me. I wanted to share with you guys.

The teacher described how the seven day creation account isn’t broken up into six parts followed by one day of rest, as we would normally think of it. Rather, it’s broken up into two sets of three days each followed by one day of rest.

In the first set, God creates. In the second set, God fulfills.

Let’s take a look at this together.

On the first day of creation, God creates light and separates it from darkness. On the fourth day of creation, God fills the light with the sun and the darkness with stars.

On the second day of creation, God creates the heavens above and separates it from the waters below. On the fifth day of creation, God fills the sky with birds and the water with fish.

On the third day of creation, God creates the dry land and separates it from the sea. On the sixth day of creation, God fills the dry land with people and animals.

And on the seventh day of creation, God rests.

Here’s a graphic:

Seven Days of Creation2

See how 1 & 4, 2 & 5, and 3 & 6 pair together? Pretty cool, right? But here’s the question I hope you’re asking:

Why does it matter?

Well, I think it’s God’s way of proclaiming—from the beginning of creation—that He is trustworthy. He’s shouting, “I make promises, and I fulfill them! You can trust Me!”

Because let’s be real. We get disappointed all the time.

That thing we bought off Amazon isn’t as cool as the reviews made it out to be. That avocado seemed ripe in the store, but after cutting into it, looks like refried beans. That friend who we thought had our back ends up letting us down.

Our coupon expired. Our flight should have left on time. Our coffee went cold on us. Our package doesn’t get there when it needed to. Our recipe sounded better in the cookbook. Our phone cracked from a one-foot drop. Our car has another leak. Our employee misses another deadline. Our team blows it in the 4th quarter.

If we’re not careful, we begin to let our climate of disappointment affect our view of God. We subconsciously expect that His promises will likely leave us disappointed as well.

He doesn’t really care about me. He doesn’t really think of me like that. That prayer I keep praying? No way He’s going to answer it. He can’t actually forgives me for everything. This sin isn’t ever going to stop. If I mess up one more time, He’s definitely going to stop loving me. There’s still some condemnation left, right? That person’s always going to be addicted. The world’s never going to get any better. If I’m being honest, I’m not even sure He’s real.

But let’s allow Genesis 1 to encourage us. God always fulfills His promises. He did it in the beginning of creation, and He’s going to do it now. We can confidently anchor ourselves in the promises of the Bible.

“He is the Rock, his works are perfect, and all his ways are just. A faithful God who does no wrong, upright and just is he.”

— Deuteronomy 32:4

Being optimistic isn’t enough. God is inviting us into audacious confidence—one measure of faith to the next.

If God says He cares about usHe does (Zeph. 3:17). If God says He answers prayer, He does (Matt. 7:7). If God says He forgives us entirely, He does (1 Jn. 1:9). If God says we have power over our sin, we do (Rom. 6:14). If God says our sin has been removed from us farther than the east is from the west, it has (Ps. 103:12). If God says He will never stop loving us, He won’t (Rom. 8:38-39). If God says there’s no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, there isn’t (Rom. 8:1). If God says He can change people, He can (2 Cor. 5:17). If God says He’s going to make all things new, He will (Rev. 21:5). If God says He’s real, He is (Is. 45:5).

God makes promises, and He fulfills them. Hope in the promises of God, and you won’t be disappointed.


6 thoughts on “You Won’t Be Disappointed

  1. You are missing the last part. God rested on the 7th day. What is the Sabbath filled with? It is left open for us to fill it with our devotion to God. It’s an example for us to turn from our weekly pleasures and turn toward Him as our sign to God that we trust in him and will obey. We have forgotten the commandment to Keep the Sabbath Day Holy and instead fill it with naps, parties, shopping and recreation. We can ask oursleves What is my sign to God and use it as a day to be His hands.


  2. Thought-provoking post! I enjoyed it. I like to think beneath the surface, beyond the common, so I love how God tucks precious clues to his character into passages we think we have heard to death. —Libby

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  3. Hi Yungun! Congratulations on your marriage… what a sweet little bride you have! I wanted to put this on your “about” page, but I didn’t find a comments section there. Even so, thanks for following 1Way2Yahweh. I’m following you, too. God bless you guys!

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