God is Listening


We Want to Be Heard

The other night, my wife and I came home from long days out and about. We sat down on the couch, faced each other, and talked. The TV wasn’t on. We weren’t folding clothes or paying bills. Just sitting, talking, and listening.

But Emily wasn’t merely listening to me with her ears—the sort of way we might listen to the radio while driving. Her eyes were listening. Her shoulders were listening. She was nodding. She was speaking active encouragement in between some of my sentences—”That’s awesome!” or, “I love that!”

As this was happening, I began to notice something inside of me. The more I could tell she was listening, the more naturally I wanted to speak. Thoughts organically became words. One reflection sprouted into another. Eagerly, I invited her into my inner self.

Don’t you love being listened to?

I think we’re all hardwired that way. Nobody wants to talk to someone who’s distracted and unengaged. In fact, if we feel like we’re not being listened to, we’re likely to stop talking altogether. I mean, why bother, right?

Do You Ever Feel Like God’s Not Listening?

The more I think about it, the more I think that’s the number one reason why we pray so little. We don’t feel like God’s really listening.

We don’t believe that His eyes are warm and focused, that His shoulders are perfectly square with ours, that His head nods attentively, and that He is showering us in a dialogue of encouragement.

We feel more like we’re a voice on the radio while God is merging lanes, avoiding traffic, and looking for a parking spot. He can hear us, but He’s not really listening.

Because let’s be real, if we actually believe that God engages as a listener, we will naturally want to pray. It won’t feel like an obligation. It won’t feel drab. Our thoughts will organically become words. One reflection will sprout to another. Eagerly, we’ll invite Him into our inner lives.

“And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us.”

— 1 John 5:14

Moving Forward

Pray with confidence that God hears you. Try to imagine Him sitting on the couch beside you. Leaning forward. Not distracted. Your prayer life will deepen strong roots and bloom ripe fruit. You will enjoy prayer more naturally, and you will exercise prayer more confidently.

You’re not a mere voice on the radio. You’re a beloved child of the King. You can be confident—God is listening.


What are your thoughts?

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