Hi, I’m Ryan! Thanks so much for checking out my blog. I’m 24, newly married, a Christ-follower, and a grace-addict. I love Chipotle, playing golf, and a good cup of coffee.Curias

Since we’re friends now, let’s be honest. Having faith can feel so blurry—like the only way to see God is through a greasy window. Who is He? What’s He like? Does He care about my life? How can I know He’s real?

That’s where I hope this blog can step in.

Lift Up exists to help you see Jesus.

Because when we see Jesus, God is revealed. He’s not blurry anymore. Our questions get answered. We get a clear view.

But if you’re not a Christian, I hope Lift Up can serve you too. I’d bet you’ve had questions about God, Christianity, or religion in general. I’d bet you’ve wondered, “What’s the purpose of my life?” or “How can I truly be happy?”

Everybody has questions. And I’m not saying I have all the answers—I have plenty of questions myself. I don’t have all this figured out.

But I do see Jesus. And I’ll tell you what . . . I can’t stop gazing.

So ask some questions, share your thoughts, and gaze with me. I’ll post content every month that I hope helps you see Jesus.

And I invite you to come alongside me in this. You matter to me, and I want to hear what you think. Follow Lift Up via email to get new posts directly in your inbox.

“As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness,

so must the Son of Man be lifted up.”

—John 3:14


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